Esbelli Evi, A Cozy Cave Inn
A fine small inn of comfortable cave rooms hewn from the golden stone, with beautiful views of the Cappadocian landscape, and the warmest welcome you'll receive in Turkey
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Esbelli Evi

Esbelli Sokak, 8 (P.K. 2) 50400
▄rgŘp, Cappadocia, Turkey
Phone: +90 (384) 341-3395
Fax: +90 (384) 341-8848
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Guestbook - 5th October, 1992
Not often during our many travels have we come across such an original and tastefully decorated hotel, which really feels like a home. We have enjoyed the lovely atmosphere of this place, the wonderful breakfast, the great attention to detail. It is with great regret that we are leaving, but we will surely and fondly remember Esbelli Evi and we'll warmly recommend it to all our friends.

Kees en Marianne van der Ende & Patricia,
Jacqueline & Sashia, Damascus, Syria
Guestbook - 24th October, 1992
Our stay here at Esbelli Evi was the highlight of a wonderful 3-week tour through Turkey. This is the kind of special place that one will remember forever... and one begins to think of the first opportunity to return. The architecture, the furnishings, the setting all contribute to the beauty of Esbelli Evi. But in the end, the best part is the gracious hospitality of our hosts. Thank you so much for a memorable three nights.

Norm & Rae Leaper, San Francisco, USA
Konuk Defteri - 4 Ağustos 1993
Burası insanlığın serŘveninde šok gŘzel bir nokta.

GŘzelliğin yaratıcılıkla ilişkisini biliyorduk.

Evinizde somutlandı.


Bilgesu Erenus / Tiyatro Sanatšısı
Yalšın KŘšŘk / Yazar

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Guestbook - August 7th, 2002
Even paradise would not be a paradise without the hospitality. It has been a rest really for body and soul and we are all very grateful for everything everyone has done. Especially for the smiles...

H. Samwell, Brommer Str. Santa Cruz, California, USA
Guestbook - June 14th, 1999
Dear Suha Bey,

What a wonderful treat. Esbelli Evi is one of the most delightful homes (oops hotel) we've encountered anywhere! Thank you for your warm welcome and gracious hospitality.

Carolyn Huggins / Consul General of USA, Istanbul

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Guestbook - October 19th, 2000
Esbelli Evi is an uncommon & wonderful corner of the world. We have traveled extensively for many years & have been privileged to stay in an unusual & sometimes exotic places. Clearly your hotel shows creative imagination, care in its restoration of historic abodes, and true dedication in the craftsmanship creating it. The two of us will never forget our all-too-brief stay here.

John & Maxeen Flower, USA
E-Mail - May 27th, 2002
Dear Mr. Ersoz,

I was recently your guest with the group of Yiannis Skalkithis. The ambiance in Esbelli Evi is the warmest and the nicest I have ever seen. I felt completely at home, looking at your beautiful books, listening to baroque music and enjoying our discussions. I would love to come back and sit with my computer in the veranda and write my book... I know I will come back. Many thanks for the wonderful time.

With best regards,

Professor Constantina Safiliou, Athens, Greece
E-Mail - June 6th, 2002
Hi Suha:

I trust all is well. I just wanted to send you a brief note and tell you once again how much Juliann and I enjoyed our stay with you. As I may have mentioned to you, I travel for work and stay in hotels an average of 100 nights a year. Your hotel was one of just a handful or hotels that lived up to and exceeded what I had been told about it. That includes a lot of hotels that are much more expensive than yours.

We will be coming back to Turkey some time in the next three years and will look forward to staying with you at that time.

Thanks again,

Jim Petersen
Recorded Books, LLC
E-Mail - July 14th, 2002

It has been two months now since my family and I returned to Beijing from our visit to Turkey, and I just wanted to once again offer our sincere thanks for your hospitality. We had a simply marvelous visit to Cappadocia, and staying at the Esbelli Evi Pansiyon was very much a highlight of our trip. Everything was just as it had been described in the "Lonely Planet Guide", and quite frankly, exceeded our expectations. The breakfasts on the outdoor patio were most enjoyable, and the food was delicious. Our rooms were immaculate, delightfully atmospheric, and the decor impeccable. Our boys thought it was a real adventure as well! We truly felt as if we had been received as honored guests, and appreciated your personal attention to our needs and interests as a family. We hope someday to return for another visit, and in the meantime would like to wish you all the best.

Kind Regards,

George, Lori, George and Alexander Urban, Beijing, China
Guestbook - October 22nd, 2002 and E-Mail - September 11th, 2002
Congratulations upon an outstanding accomplishment in your restoration of Esbelli Evi. Your vision of a unique place of accomodation and warm hospitality in the midst of awesome Cappadocia is magical. I very much enjoyed my stay, our conversations on a wide range of subjects and your hospitality...

Dear Suha:

Just a brief note to express my sincere appreciation for your kindness and hospitality during my stay at your charming and delightful Esbelli Evi. The physical environs of Esbelli are nothing but delightful, but your personal attention and friendliness is "icing on the cake".

When you begin your travels, put Springfield, Il on your list of places to visit in the US. We would love to show you central Illinois and the Abraham Lincoln sites.

Best Wishes,

Bob Colantino, Springfield, Illinois, USA
E-Mail - September 23rd, 2003
Dear Suha,

We would like to thank you again for the wonderful stay we had last week at Esbelli Evi and In Cappadoccia. We had high expectations of Esbelli Evi from looking at your website, but even those high expectations were surpassed by our actual experience.

The setting of the guest house is spectacular and your hospitality truly wonderful. It was evident that the team at Esbelli Evi tries to anticipate every need a guest might possibly have and be ready to meet it.

Unfortunately we only had two days in your history and scenery laden region, and we would never have been able to see and learn as much as we did without the expert trip planning advice received by our host.

Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality.

Regula E. Burki MD, FACOG
SaltLake City, Utah, USA
E-Mail - April 8th, 2004

We stayed there in September, 1999. (Actually, my husband and I are confused as to whether it was 1998 or 1999, but we're pretty sure it was 1999.) Anyway, although this is late, we wanted to write and say "thank you." We had an AMAZING time at Esbelli Evi, primarily because of your wonderful hospitality. We want you to know that, even though it's years later, we have warm and wonderful memories of our time there. We remember the moon rising over Urgup; we remember delicious breakfasts of honey and yogurt and fruit; we remember your helpful advice about what to see and do in Cappadocia; and most of all we remember how you and your family made us feel welcome and at home.

Thank you. I hope some day we can return to enjoy your hospitality again.

Warmest regards,

Lorenzo Llanillo and Julie Greer
E-Mail - April 20th, 2004
Dear Suha,

We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 days visit at your wonderful cave hotel, Esbelli Evi. Your kindness added a great deal to the enjoyment of our stay and it was voted the most special place on our trip. The breakfast on the patio was a delight and the weather cooperated every day.

We looked forward to coming back each day, having a glass of wine and relaxing with good conversation and beautiful music. We were very comfortable in our rooms with every comfort.

I'm sorry that I didn't have time to give you a more formal good-by but just know that I sincerely appreciated the Southern Hospitality shown by you. We just might want to think about that swap that you mentioned.

Katherine Mistilis

The Bridgewater House B&B
Guestbook - September 1st, 1992
A.A.A - Architecture, Ambiance and Attentive hospitality.

All the house party should be but seldom is.

Dick Westwood / Australian Consulate General, Istanbul

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Web Review from Forums - July 30th, 2004
Aside from my stay at Esbelli Evi being pure bliss, the staff was incredibly responsive and helpful. On my last day, ... Tours in Cappadocia was suppose to make arrangements for the next leg of my trip. After numerous conversations, I thought everything was confirmed. Next thing I knew, they not only failed to pick me up as promised but when I called them, they informed me that my bus tickets weren't even purchased. I was incredibly upset as I had to be at my destination by a certain time. Seeing my distress, Suha, the owner/manager at Esbelli Evi, drove me to the bus station and convinced the bus company to give me a seat on the sold out bus ride. Before finding out if that was feasible, he also offered to drive me to a town a half hour away to catch a departing bus from there. He was incredibly sympathetic and I can't thank him enough for helping me out. That being said, even without the debacle, Esbelli Evi is one of the most comfortable and intimate hotels I have ever stayed at and will be my first choice when I return.

Miss. Kimmer, New York

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Web Review from
...or a minute we weren't sure if we had found our place for it was a wall with just an address on the door, but yes, it was the Esbelli Evi Pansiyon. A nice young lady welcomed us, showed us to our room where we left our bags and washed our faces, and then showed us all around the place. This was a great greeting/introduction as she would go to a room like the kitchen and explain that the refrigerator stocked with water and pop and beer was there for us to help ourselves to whenever we choose, the wine and hard liquor were in the cabinet, the stove and things were ours to use if we chose to, and on and on. Like in one room, the computer sitting there was available to use at any time someone else wasn't using it and it was connected to the internet, etc. After the warming tour, we sat out on the patio drinking first cold water and then beer and wine, looking at the great views, eating snacks they provided, and thoroughly unwinding. Clearly this was going to be a fine home for awhile. We then asked them about good dinner choices and the young lady suggested one. And, since she was heading down town now that she was off work, she gave us a ride to the restaurant...

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Guestbook - August 16th, 1992
The scenic beauty and warm hospitality will stay vivid in our minds for years to come. It is difficult to find the words how the charming dÚcor and wonderful music contributed to such a relaxing visit. We will highly recommend the "Esbelli Evi" to all of our friends to experience Turkish hospitality.

Steven & Meghan Bondy, Minnesota, USA
Guestbook - July 22nd, 2002
Esbelli Evi is certainly the most wonderful, warm and welcoming place we have ever stayed at. Your hospitality has been never-ending these past four days. We feel very privileged to have been able to stay at the most beautiful hotel of Turkey. We thank you so much for making our stay in Cappadocia a very special and treasured one. You are certainly the hosts of all hosts. We leave here with fond and cherished memories.

Katrina & Adam Benson, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Guestbook - May 23rd, 2003
"Home away from Home" - this is what we felt towards "Esbelli Evi". A generous host, warm staff and loving hospitality - you definitely lived up to your reputation. Continue the good work!

Sanjay Sen - Vinti Sen - Saipriya Sen - Saikripa Sen, INDIA
Guestbook - March 22nd, 2000
As we rush back to our lives we take a bit of Esbelli Evi with us. A place in our hearts and souls will always remind us of this special place. Words are not enough to truly express how wonderful we feel.

Howard Presburger & Judith Baver, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Web Review from Forums - December 30th, 2002
Cappadocia - amazing!! The place to stay is the ESBELLI EVI.
Words cannot describe the experience at this cave dwelling. The owners and workers at the Esbelli are some of the most loving people in the world. You will enjoy a homelike encounter. They have a washing machine!! For a reservation, you must book early. They are constantly sold out. If you're able to adjust your schedule, this is well worth the effort. If you do find out they are booked, keep checking to see if there are cancellations.

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